Apollos was a Alexandrian Jew who was an eloquent speaker and well versed in the Scriptures. It appears that he was instructed in the way of the Lord from the view of the disciples of John the Baptist. As he was teaching in an Ephesian synagogue Priscilla and Aquila heard, took him aside, and explained to him the rest of the story of Jesus. After this reeducation he traveled to Achaia where he "powerfully refuted the Jews in public, showing by the Scriptures that the Christ was Jesus."[1]

Apollos was present in Corinth when Paul passed through. He witnessed the conversion of about twelve more of John the Baptist's disciples after they were told of Jesus.[2] Later Apollos was named in a controversy that had brewed in the church in Chorinth. The people had formed factions within the church. One group claimed to follow the teachings of Paul, others Apollos, others Cephas, and still others Christ. Paul had to set them straight that believers should only be following the teachings of Jesus alone.[3]

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