The fall of the rebel angels

The Fall of the Rebel Angels c.1340

Demons are fallen angels. They were originally created to serve God but Satan lead a third of all angels in rebellion against God. As a result Satan and his followers were hurled from heaven down to earth.[1] Some demons are already locked away "in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgement of the great day."[2] Others are left to roam the earth. They still follow Satan and battle God's angels in an attempt to stop His divine work and His people.[3]

Since demons were at one time angels they are spirit beings and have the ability to take possession of a physical body. There are many examples in the Bible of people that were possessed (Matthew 9:32-33, 12:22, 17:18; Mark 5:1-20, 7:26-30; Luke 4:33-36, 22:3; Acts 16:16-18). Demon possession cannot occur with Christians since the Holy Spirit has sealed them in Christ.[4] Demons look to deceive the world[5], battle angels[6], destroy the work of God[7], and attack Christians.[8]


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