Holy sepulchre dome

Dome in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, also called the City of David, was build around the Gihon Spring located on the southeastern hill to the south of the Temple Mount. It has been continuously inhabited since at least 3000 BC. The city was originally, located on the southeastern hill, very narrow (about 80-100m wide). It was not until the time of King Solomon that it was expanded. Today the original thin strip of the old city is known as the "City of David."

When the city is first introduced in Joshua 10 it is ruled by Adoni-zedek who forms an alliance with other kings in the area to stop the invading Israelites. At the beginning of the book of Judges the city was ruled by Adoni-bezek and was conquered by the tribe of Judah who "struck it with the edge of the sword and set the city on fire."[1] The city then passed into the hands of the tribe of Benjamin but they did not drive out the Jebusites who lived in the city as God had commanded.[2] During the reign of King David the city became the throne of all Israel.[3]


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